400 Third Fitness Centre supports the health and well-being of its members through being a welcoming host, creating an environment that promotes personal success and providing innovative health and wellness programs.

The Fitness Centre is a shared space, as such, please wipe all of your equipment and machines down before and after use and return equipment to its proper location.



Membership at 400 Third Fitness Centre is exclusive to tenants working within 400 Third Tower and access to the facility is restricted to members only.


Please fill out both the Get Active Questionnaire and the Membership Forms.

400 Third Fitness Membership Forms

CSEP Get Active Questionnaire Form

To book an appointment for a tour/orientation, or to sign-up, contact: [email protected]


Complete access to the fitness centre’s amenities and services, including access to drop-in group fitness classes starting* at $38 +GST per month.

*Companies that are not contributing to subsidizing the membership dues; their employees are permitted to become members however, they will have to pay $50.00 + GST per month. 

We ask that all members scan their security card on each visit to the facility – even if following another member through the door.

Hours of Operation:
5:00 AM – 9:00 PM MONDAY TO SUNDAY  

Please be aware that the Fitness Centre is not staffed throughout all operating hours. If you plan on accessing the facility outside staffed hours, ensure you exercise at your own risk and review our safety and emergency procedures.

You may cancel your membership at any time following the four-month minimum term. A cancellation form must be submitted no later than the 15th of the month to be effective for month end.

Tenants must pay an administration fee to rejoin the Fitness Centre within six months of cancellation.

Download our 400 Third Fitness Centre Cancellation Form.

Heavy Bag Usage:

*Please note use of the heavy bag is at your own risk*

  • Please use the pulley system provided to lift and lower the bag.
  • If you require assistance please contact 310-MAXX for Oxford staff to assist
  • LIVunLtd Staff are not allowed to assist with putting the bag up or taking it down.
  • Heavy bag is to be stored standing up in the studio storage room on the right side against the wall.
  • If bag is left up it will be removed from use.
  • Thank you for your understanding, if you have additional questions please contact fitness centre staff


Looking for a new program design? Everyone can benefit from a session with one of our highly qualified trainers.  Our trainers will customize an exercise program based entirely on your fitness needs and time constraints.

If you want more help, multiple sessions provide motivation and on-going feedback, continually assessing your strength, endurance and flexibility – in essence improving the effectiveness of your workouts. No matter what your needs and goals, personal trainers can provide you with a safe, informative and results-oriented environment in which to exercise.

Every personal trainer possesses a university degree in Kinesiology, Physical Activity or similar field, plus holds national and internationally recognized post-graduate certifications in exercise prescription and testing.

To book an appointment with a trainer, or to get more information, contact [email protected]

*Please note that prices do not include GST

Personal Training Pricing

One-on-One Training
Each one-hour session is a one-on-one training appointment, with the trainer instructing and motivating you to maximize your results.

1 Session – Program Design
Personal Trainer: $145.00

5 Session Package
Personal Trainer: $355.00

10 Session Package
Personal Trainer: $670.00

20 Session Package
Personal Trainer: $1340.00

45 Minute Sessions

5 Session Package
Personal Trainer: $285.00

10 Session Package
Personal Trainer: $535.00

20 Session Package
Personal Trainer: $1070.00

Express Training (30 minutes)
Are your daily demands making finding time to work out difficult? Maximize your time in the gym by hiring a trainer for 30 minutes at a time. These express one-on-one sessions may be just what you need to find that work/life balance.

5 Session Package
Personal Trainer: $215.00

10 Session Package
Personal Trainer: $400.00

20 Session Package
Personal Trainer: $800.00

Pair Training
Increase results and decrease the cost per person with pair training. Working out with a friend or co-worker might be just what you need to stay motivated and find more enjoyment in exercise.

5 Session Package
Personal Trainer: $540.00

10 Session Package
Personal Trainer: $999.00